Welcome to Crow's Page

Hi Nursery children, Parents and Carers,

We know you like to keep busy, so here are some ideas for things you can do at home. There are songs, stories and activities here on Crow's Home Learning page which we hope you enjoy. 


  • Play, play play! In Nursery, a huge part of our learning develops while we play. Be part of your child's play, follow their lead, extend their ideas and talk about your activites together.
  • Share a story. Please share as many stories as you can each day - this is great for learning new language and developing imagination. Use pictures to predict what might happen next, play I-spy with a sound, talk about new vocabulary or listen for rhyming words.
  • Keep active! We love dancing and exercise in Nursery. It's important to keep active whilst we have less opportunities to get out and about.
Have fun!
The Windmill Nursery Team and Crow xxxxx