Comments from our Parents and Carers

Recently, we asked our parents and carers to complete a questionnaire about Windmill Nursery. We were delighted to have such positive feedback.
Here are a selection of comments we received.
"I like the fact that it was attached to the school and would make the transition easier. Our daughter thrived at Windmill and it was our first choice to send our son there too. The staff are friendly and a lovely environment."
"My other children went there and had the same experiences. They are now at Mill Lane and I love how the Nursery get involved with the School too."
" I like the fact that there are so many different sections of the Nursery, it makes it interesting for a child. Outside space is also great and a big plus for all the extra things you do such as outings, baking and trips. Great Nursery where my child is happy and learns about so many new things. I would definitely recommend this Nursery to other parents."
"It was very flexible with hours/days also gave a good start to what it would be like going to school."
"We chose Windmill Nursery as our other son came here and was always happy and helped him progress well with his speech."