w/b 25th January

Hi everyone,
We're so excited - it's the Big Garden Birdwatch this week! (29-31 January). We have lots of activities planned - maybe you would like to do some too?
Would you like to take part? Follow this link to Big Garden Birdwatch and find out what you need to do. Please send us your results too  - we'd love to know how you got on!
To help you get ready for this weekend, here are some activities to try at home
  • Create a good spot for your birdwatching. Make it comfy and cosy. What will you need to do your birdwatch? (ID chart, pencil, binoculars, timer, Timothy Pope's telescope?) Maybe you could take some photos? Do you have any bird books or favourite stories about birds to keep in your birdwatch area? Use this ID chart below to help you with your spotting!
  • Now you have your own special place  - it's time to think about the birds. Do they have a place outside where they can eat, drink and have a little bath? What container can you find for some water?
  • What food do birds like? There's not much for them to eat in this cold weather, so we need to look after them. Why not make a bird feeder to hang outside?  You could make one with a pine cone, bird seed, peanuts, cheese and lard. Please follow this link to find out more.
Fantastic, now you are ready to do some Birdwatching
  • What birds will you see? Do all birds look the same? What colour and size are they?
  • How do they move?
  • Where do they feed?  
  • How many can you count? 
Please let us know how you get on! Which bird did you count the most?
(Remenber if you take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch at the weekend, only record the maximum number of different birds you see at any one time.)
Other activities
  • Go for a listening walk. What birds can you see and hear? Use this link to help you find out about the different bird songs What bird is that?  Look out for any nests too. Collect some sticks and make a nest of your own.
  • Make 2 bird puppets and sing the rhyme again!
  • What birds can you see in this colouring picture below?
  •  'Story time!' Do you know this bird story? 
Happy birdwatching everyone! Have a great week.
Windmill Nursery and Crow xxxxx
To see more birdwatching news, please follow the link below to our 'News Page' on this website.