Nov - Dec 2018

30th November 2018
This month, the children would like to tell you in their own words about what they have been doing at Windmill Nursery.

“I played the cat game, home area, play dough and puppet show. We was just reading a book with Oli, the bear one.” Jamie R
“I played in the home area and playing with frog. I played with Aava and Sienna and scooters and bikes.” Ruby 
“I doing a map. We’re here and we have to go there. You got to creep across the lasers and jump over.” Jamie B
“We played Mums and Dads. I went outside - we made a pirate ship, everybody made it. We did cooking. We made omelette - we put egg and potato.” Nathaniel

And we’ve also been practising our Nativity and making decorations for the Tree Festival. What a busy time of year!