May - June 2019

31st May 2019

This term at Windmill Nursery, is a great time to be outside enjoying our garden.

The children were amazed when they came back after half term to see that our potatoes had grown shoots and the beans were starting to climb up the poles. Now we need to look after them and thanks to our keen Windmill gardeners, the growing area is kept weed free and well-watered. We are now really looking forward to harvest time!

As part of Mill Lane Science week, we explored Gruffland (our woodland area) with Year 3. It was fantastic to see all the children working together as they followed the winding paths, chatting about what they could see and hear. Nature collections were made along the way and the children enjoyed sharing and identifying their many treasures.

After reading Superworm, we went on a worm hunt and then made a wormery to see what worms do when they are underground. It was so exciting to lift the cover and discover what had been happening in the dark. What long tunnels they can make! Superworm’s great friend Super Ted is still having class sleepovers and we look forward to hearing his news each morning. He is having such adventures!

If you would like to know a little more about our Nursery, please come for a visit. The children and Super Ted would be delighted to show you around!