Let's explore SPACE!

Hi space cadets! 
Hope you enjoy the activities and links below.
More can be found on this cbeebies link too.
Space journeys 5-4-3-2-1 Get ready for blast off!
Let's find out more - Astronauts, it's time to think about our solar system! 
  • Moon: What does the moon look like? Look at the craters - how were they created? To show how, half fill a large bowl with some flour. Drop small stones or marbles into the flour. Look what happens and see the shapes that are made. This experiment can be re-done over and over again, and you can try different surfaces for the different planets. For example, try freezing a fine layer of ice to see how craters are formed on colder (ice covered) planets.When you’re done with the flour, you can re-purpose it to make some paper mache planets or cinnamon play dough. You can even use the flour in the tray for some letter forming practice, tracing your child’s fingers through the flour to make different letters.
  • Sun: What is the sun is made out of? Light a candle. Talk about the flame - can you feel anything, how it is moving? Do you think you can fly to the sun. Could get close enough? If so, would you be able to land?
  • Stars: Do they really have 5 points? Look at some close-up images of stars. Talk about the shapes and colours of each.
Stories (Planet YouTube may be helpful)