Let’s celebrate WOW moments!

Have you made a fantastic Lego model, cycled a bike on your own, baked a delicious cake, scored an incredible goal, found out impressive facts, completed a game on the i-pad, copied over or written your name, got dressed on your own, been helpful, or done something else for the first time? Crow would love to hear all about it!
Crow's email: nursery@mill-lane.oxon.sch.uk
Vlad is a super keen photograher and takes pictures of everything around him! He loves going for walks with his camera to photograph flowers and anything else that catches his eye.
Crow says: "Fab Vlad! You are so interested in the natural world around you. What a great way to record all the amazing things you see."
Lucas is a phonics super spotter! For our 'sound of the week', he thought of stem, stairs, stack, sea, sand, subway and syringe. Then noticed that some words like 'dressed' have the s sound in the middle too! 
Crow says: "Fantastic listening Lucas. You spotted so many words with the sound s. You're a 's' superstar!"
Sofia threaded lots of small beads together and made 2 colourful bracelets that she can wear.
Crow says: "I love the rainbow beads you used Sofia. Your bracelets are beautiful - and I can see you are very proud of what you have made." 
Otto loves finding out new things. He's really interested in Roman times and has been learning about how they wrote numbers. Otto has tried writing some too.
Crow says: "WOW Otto! I'm very impressed with your fab fact finding and the Roman numeral chart you made."
Zachary can pedal without stabilisers!
Crow says: "Fantastic Zachary. What great balance you have."
George is interested in the human body and has been finding out lots of information. He knows all the different organs we have and can describe how they help us. George also knows where to find them on our bodies.
Crow says: "WOW George! You are interested in so many things about our world and want to find out more. What an amazing memory you have. You are definitely a space-doctor in the making!"
Alivia loves helping at home. When her family are making toast, Alivia likes to get everything they need. She finds the jam and butter and gets 2 knives out the pot for when the toast is ready.
Crow says: Great organising Alivia! And you do it all on your own too - that's fab!."
Poppy and her sister painted their hands and feet and created some amazing animal pictures. They made a butterfly, elephant, fish, giraffe, bumble bee, humming bird, grasshopper, ladybird, spider, zebra, caterpillar and a peacock! (A photo of their artwork is further down the page.)
Crow says: "What a lot of animals Poppy! You have spotted all their different colours and patterns - and painted your hands and feet so carefully"
Evie L-M can count to 27!
Crow says: "That's amazing Evie! When we count the name cards at group time, you will help us get the right number."
Jasper can ride a bike on his own! He has also been finding out about planets. Jasper knows their names and lots of detailed information "Do you know Pluto is not really a planet."
Crow says: "Well done Jasper - cycling on your own is so tricky. You kept on trying and you did it! And thank you for your planet fact!"
Sophie created a puppet on her own! Sophie found a sock and used some goggly eyes, feathers and a straw to make a face. She loved doing this so much that she made 3 more!
Crow says: "You have been busy Sophie! What great ideas. Can you help us make some more puppets when we're back at Nursery?"