It's the Big Garden Birdwatch!

25th January 2021
Windmill Nursery got ready!
First, we created a cosy birdwatching area inside our classroom. We found a place to put our ID charts, pencils, binoculars, and Timothy Pope's telescope, so we could record any birds we saw.
Next, we looked after the birds. We made a small pond, so they could have a drink and a little bath. It wasn't long before we had our first visitor!
Then we made a bird feeding station. We put out some seed, fat balls and made some pine cone feeders to hang up.
Now, we were ready to do some bird watching! There were so many things we wanted to find out.
  • What birds will we see?  What colour and sizes are they?
  • How will they move?
  • What food will they like?  
  • Can we count them?
More updates this week!