Feb - Mar 2020

29th February 2020
The children loved looking back at the photographs from last last term.  
"It's our cave. It was sooo big. It was dark - we had torches."  Molly remembered going inside the big bear cave and looking at her cave paintings.
" The children played Wheels on the Bus. That was my favourite. It was like whistles."  Jasper loved the performance by the Mill Lane Recorder group.
"First flour, milk, eggs and mix it up. Mrs. Payne cooked them and flipped them over. Then we eat them!"  Jack explained how we made yummy pancakes.
"That's the garden. We carried all the sticks and made woodland to play."  Kai helped to create a woodland area ready for our bug hotel.
"The big children read books. They read to me Little Rabbit Foo Foo and a dinosaur book." Eliza remembered our afternoon visit and making friends with Year 3 children.
This term we are busy practising the '3 Little Pigs Rap' to sing in front of the whole School at the Mill Lane Book Factor. We hope the judges enjoy our performance.  We also have 10 hens eggs arriving in an incubator! We will look after them for 2 weeks and can't wait to see what happens!