Egg-citing chick updates!

16th April 2018
Our Egg Diary
Day One Our 10 eggs and incubator arrive!
Day Two We kept checking the incubator. Could we we hear anything? Was an egg moving?
Day Three What a lovely surprise we had when we came in that morning...
Day Four When the chicks were fuffy, we moved them to the brooder where they were warm and had food and drink.
Day Five, Six and Seven Mrs. Sanders had 10 new friends for a sleepover!
Day Six and Seven Wow - our chicks had really grown over the weekend! Now we could let them out in the classroom. 
Day Eight, Nine and Ten The chicks are growing fast! We have learnt how to hold them carefully and to look after them when they leave the brooder. 
Our last day We have loved having our chicks in Nursery but they were getting too big for the brooder. It was time to say goodbye but we had some good news! Tilly and Alfie took 3 chicks home, so we look forward to hearing all about them and their egg-citing adventures!